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Meet Penny

Penny Foskaris Certified Health Coach and AuthorMy journey in wanting to help people live a healthier lifestyle started back in junior high. When I was in Home Economics class, some of the recipes called for unhealthy ingredients. I would swap out the unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones. I would get rave reviews for the delicious tasting food I created. It was awesome to have other students ask me how to change their recipes as well. That year, I won the Homemaker of the Year Award. It was awarded to me for my talent in creating recipes that were healthy and delicious. It was also given to me for my creativity in designing my own clothing in sewing class.

Being creative in the kitchen continues to be one of my lifelong passions along with working out. My love for health and fitness grew when I took my first weight training and running class in high school. I loved the way I felt after lifting weights and running. I have continued to do both for over thirty years.  

Growing up, my mom cooked dinner almost daily. Everything was made from scratch. My father taught me how important it was to eat well, even when dining out.

My family has owned fast food restaurants since I was seven years old. The first restaurant opened up in Costa Mesa, California, in 1974. My sisters and I worked a few hours a week back then. When I was sixteen years old, I worked full-time at the restaurant while attending high school. During that time, my father taught me a worth ethic that I’ve carried throughout my life – to be honest and work hard for everything in life.

Through the years, I have watched some of the customer’s order way too much food for them to eat. Some people order a double bacon cheeseburger, large fries, onion rings, and a large Coke. That equals a whole day’s worth of calories for most people. Even though there are many healthy options on the menu, like charbroiled chicken breast, tuna, chicken, vegetable, and rice soup, even a salad bar, a lot of people only order the greasy stuff. Burritos, tacos, fried zucchini, double bacon cheeseburgers, corn dogs, large milkshakes, and giant muffins are probably the most popular items ordered.

You might be thinking, why even have unhealthy items on the menu? The truth is, the average customer wants the greasy food, and lots of it. I have seen healthy restaurants open and then close their doors within months. A friend of mine opened up an excellent restaurant where almost all of the items on the menu were healthy. Unfortunately, it was open for only a year. Not enough people went in to support it.

I’m on a quest to help as many people as I can eat healthy wherever they are. Whether they are at home, eating out at a restaurant, or dashboard dining on their way to one of their children’s soccer game. With a little education, planning, and preparation, it is possible.

What Our Clients Say


Penny helped me when no doctor could. The diet changes we’re life-changing. I’m not dizzy at all and my sugars are stable now! My kids thank you. I can function. I feel so good, I can’t believe it. You truly were sent from God to help me through that horrible time in my life. You have inspired me to help other people. Thank you. I’m forever grateful.